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You don't realize how much you need friends until you have none. I didn't loose all my friends I just didn't make any while moving here. I miss all my old friends who would help me with homework and we could talk about teachers we hated and such. But I don't have any friends here. I'm all alone. I don't talk to anyone. I talk to my teachers and that's it. In would kill to have just one friend. I miss having friends and having a partner when the teacher is like "everyone get into partnered groups" it's awful to have no one at all and just struggle with homework not knowing anyone to call and they partially help you. To have to drive an hour to get to your old friends but half the time you don't get to see them cause your mom doesn't want to drive. Do you know what it's like to eat lunch in the bathroom everyday? To have someone ask you why is it that at school your the first in the class room and your only response is that you don't have anyone to stop and talk to in the halls. To stand outside your first hour classroom because your all alone. And then you make it seem like your ok but you not. Your lonely and sad and feel pathetic. But you don't have anyone shoulder to cry on.

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  • I'm quiet content I actually hate it when I get invited out to stuff

  • if you are old enough you really need a party my friend :)

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