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Two weeks ago I asked my gf to be my gf. Before that everything was cool, she was outgoing and stuff. Now I'm afraid that her love will fade away like it did with my ex. How can I prevent that from happening? P.S I am very nice to her and everything's good, I'm just afraid that these feelings will fade away.

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  • She obviously loves you. Else she wouldn't want to become your gf. Relax and enjoy the moments you have together. And don't force it. If at some point her feelings would fade away, then that would just mean that you deserve better. You're worthy and you deserve to be loved.

  • it seems like you have a self worth issue. she decided to date you so she obviously likes you enough. just don't start getting all insecure like you are because that's not what she's attracted to. continue to have fun as you did before. let her know every now and then that you're so happy she's with you instead of worrying about when she might not be. cherish what is. don't be controlled by what might be.

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