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I met 2 guys and 1 is an extrovert, while the other is an introvert like me. They say opposites attract, and I do feel very attracted to the extrovert, and I really admire the attributes that he has that I don't have. We are very different, and it kinda scares me that it might be more physical. The introvert and I share so many opinions, but he also manages to surprise me and he's interesting to listen to. Maybe I feel like I can be more like myself with him, but it scares me that we are so alike. I just don't know what I want... I mean, I think I like the introvert better, but there's still something about the extrovert.

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  • the introvert I would say, tried my opposite once... not pretty i'll tell you that

  • opposites do NOT attract! after some time the things will annoy you and destroy your relationship

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