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I lovvvvve the smell of cigarettes. And guys who smell like cigarettes and cologne are the hottest thing ever. I have smoked for a total of 10 times my whole life. I am in my mid 20s and still resisting becoming a smoker.

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  • why? because its addicting and it escalates. your teeth and your skin. im 23 and at a pack a day even though I used to be that occasional smoker. Dont start, keep fighting the egre. if you get bored enough and want a weird habbit start vaping. the clouds look cooler and now you actually get fun flavors. then you can start building coils and waste your money there without as many gross side effects.

  • there's not much difference to your health if you live and work in a big city. a teacher explained the science behind it but,yeah.. living in a city fucks your lungs up. i smoke since 14 and been doing lots of sports. i don't see why restrain yourself from something you like just to live longer.

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