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I keep fantasising about a guy I haven't spoken to for months. We don't have any classes together, and he's a very private person so I never see him anymore, but when I see him again I'm overwhelmed with emotions. It's creepy, but I can picture a future with him and I've never been able to do that with any other guy. Actually I usually take everything day by day, so I can't even picture my own future, but I can picture OUR future. It's freaking me out. I dream about dates, decisions, happy times, and also struggles. It makes me sad thinking about it, because he has probably forgotten all about me.

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  • realize that without contact there is no relationship. what you are falling for is your own fantasy and not the real guy. be careful. it can turn into very bad decision making, obsession or putting the guy off of you completely... initiate a conversation or move on.

  • focus on the important stuff

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