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Okay so I'm in high school and all of my friends support gay equality. My mom and the rest of my family seem to also, and everyone else I can think of, except for my dad. I am gay but I haven't come out yet, because I'm scared what my dad would think. I know I would not be disowned because my mom would rather divorce my father than send me out on the streets (which I am very grateful for). However, I am nervous because I don't want things to be awkward around my dad until I move out. Anyone have any tips on how I can try and get him used to the fact that I'm gay, without straight out telling him? Thanks!

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  • he probably knows already,must be praying not to be true,but he knows. just tell him ''like a man''. like stare him in the eyes and say ''i'm not into the pussay,i'm actually into the dick''.

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