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Why am I so intense? When I love, I love so hard. It feels like a drug to submit to my emotions and give my all to someone I care about. The thing is, I can't act that way though because it freaks people the fuck out. Now I'm with someone and I've showed that side to them and it doesn't go well... I constantly hide that side of myself because I'm scared they'll leave me if I let it out. I feel like people love me only when I don't give a fuck. And it's really hard for me to not care about stuff but I do it because I want to feel loved. Sorry. I hope this made some sense.

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  • I'm the same... Exactly the same... Moreover, I'm as lost as you are, buddy. :/

  • That's really unhealthy and must be very imposing for the people you are with maybe you should get to the bottom of why you get so deeply attached to people did you have a good relationship with your family growing up?

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