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omg shut up you senile old bitch! You don't think I don't hear or understand what you say every f*cking morning?! My days are none of your business to go on bloody hour long rants about what you think me and my friends do when they come over or how late you see me come home. See, not hear ya pruned cunt! We don't make enough noise to pollute the whole block with your filthy smack talk! You don't even know my last name, what right gives you any right to plague us all with your fucking oral commentaries before the sun's even fully up?? Do you have nothing more interesting in your ending life to do than tell everyone that you saw me come home at 3am piss-drunk but quieter than your sordid fat ballsack cheeks jiggling while you fuck up the morning birdsong with a gorilla-macaque torture porn mixtape on replay! Please, for the love of your mangled street-dog fetish, get a goddamn life and die with some grace!

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  • the rate-up, rate-down, and comment amount were all 6, spelling out 666. Sorry, I had tovchange it XD

  • please, go to live to another planet

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