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when people ask me what my favourite bands are, I don't tell them about Type O Negative because I fear they will listen to their songs and they'll tell me to stop listening to them. Also when I'm home I only listen to them on headphones, because I fear my parent's reaction. I mean, they've heard black, death and doom metal amongst others and they haven't complained (much), but I fer this would trigger a massive reaction

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  • I'm with you. I listened to hardcore punk when I was your age. My wife listens to horrid music as well (one D, Bieber, Nickelback) Now I keep my band shirts in the house where only my wife wears them and I wear a suit outside. I was one like you though. I know the feeling.

  • that's ridiculous. how old are you? if Type O is the "worst" you've got, trust me you're fine

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