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I just dropped out of Uni (college for the Americans) I was 4 weeks in and now my family is so disappointed in me that I haven't gone home. It just wasn't something I wanted to be doing for years to come. To make things worse I was a little bit cocky after being put down by my parents that I told them to shove their opinions in a paper shredder. It felt warranted since they said I don't have 'permission' to drop out. For the record: I'm 20. I live with my parents out of financial hardship (no time for work with my daughter and study). I'll be starting a different course next session. so.. do you think I did the right thing??

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  • Are they takeing care of your daughter? Then they do have control. Even if they get angry at you, you have to put your daughter first. Have you thought about going back to the same Uni and picking a different major? Or have you finalized your drop out paperwork?

  • different course?

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