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I have told some of my friends how I want to save my virginity till marriage and most of them think I'm crazy because of it. And I find it so hard sometimes keeping my virginity, not because I'm tempted but because everyone looks for sex now a days. I don't even think im going to get married. I feel like the person Id date would probably leave me before we even get married just for the fact that I won't be able to please him sexually while dating.

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  • I waited until I found the person I wanted to spebd the rest of my life with. we were not married the first time we had sex. we are going 11 years strong now. married for 7 years of that time. it's a big deal for us. he is proud that he is my one and only. he regrets not waiting for me. I know many people that were virgins till marriage and are still happily married many many years down the road. I know many people that didn't wait and most of them are divorced now.

  • stay true to what you want to do. if you want to wait, then wait. dont give up :)

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