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I don't think people should be ashamed of being a virgin after 20+ years, having sex shouldn't be a goal, it should be something special and I think its really loosing it's meaning nowadays

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  • with not so great first experience (i was drunk) and being with same girl i lost it, for past 4 years. i don't feel like you can LOSE anything (as a man, i think, woman too), i guess you just get your experience that's all. its damn stupid to talk about it as something that you lost in past or will lose it in future, because you did not and will not. your mind will grew because of that experience and you can separate yourself from child in that point of time, things change and you have to adapt your environment and explore almost everything because your made so (as Human). Ashamed, nope... you cannot be ashamed of experience that you don't have. i'm 20 male.

  • sex never had meaning. sex existed before language... life doesn't have any meaning either.

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