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I went to six flags this Friday with a few friends and four of them ditched me and my two friends I followed them while my two friends were still on the roller coaster and they went super man I felt like going to them and confronting them but instead I went back to wait for my two friends so it wouldn't look like I was ditching them. I got so mad I punched a metal pole and now my knuckle hurts. I felt like kicking the two guys in the balls and punching the two girls in their boobs. I saw them later on that night and cuzzed them out and pushed one of the guys out of my way. Now I have to do a project with two of them and I don't want to talk to them.

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  • Haha nope they said they were going to wait

  • Its a them park most people go their seperate ways unless they are related dont be so dramatic.... But i do undestand.... They sould have said they were going on their own so yall could meet up later and know they were safe

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