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Alright Filipinas, I need your love advice. I want to write a romantic letter for my wife and mother of my kids. A filipina in her 20s. She always watches korean dramas and talks of how romantic asian men are. I take this as a challenge, if not a subtle insult to me as a white American. What are some tropes and lines I can apply in my effort to prove I can do it better? What are the most moving confessions and displays of love from a Filipina POV?

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  • Serenade her while playing the guitar. It was popular back then in the philippines, but now it's rare to see a man serenading a woman. It will sweep off her feet. I dated a korean man before, and all he did was touch my hair. It's a form of affection for them but for me as a filipina, of course i grew up in a different culture, it was a bit awkward. Oh, and remember, asians are certified foodies specially the ladies. Use food and your creativity. :)

  • Buy her something shiny instead

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