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I'm not in love with my husband, and I've never been. I love him, yes, and he means a lot to me and I'm also physically attracted to him, but it's not the classical love. I've never been head over heals, never had butterflies in my stomach, nothing. Not for anyone. We have two children together who are in their teens, and we are very happy. He loves me with all his heart, and I know that. I've never felt the same. I never will. But he makes me incredibly happy, and I feel safe and content around him. I probably never will fall in love. We are nearing fifty. Lots of our friends have divorced, cheated or something like this. I've never understood the emotion they feel. But I love him in my own way, and I love my family.

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  • to be honest I think being in love/having butterflies is just 'the unknown' excited part when you first start to know each other. I think I've had it once but to be honest it was never the right person I feel like it can also be just attractiveness.. Don't let yourself get fooled by that because maybe you are just very down to earth. 'Being in love is overrated' I feel like it a social construction set up by the movie industry/music industry to take our mind of daily lives. Relationships are hard work and I'm only 24 years old but let me tell you at a certain time in your relationship all the experiences you ve bee nthrough with one person makes up for so much more than the feeling of butterflies in your stomach.

  • Honestly it sounds like you are in love with him.... He makes you happy you look forward to seeing him, he makes you feel good and to me it sounds like your in love it may not be "i cant live without you" super intense love but maybe for you this is what being in love is for you... Everyone is different

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