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I've been hurt from many girls, but still I can't stop being nice to women, I mean I'm 22 most of the girls that I meet are no good and basically looking for random sex, every man I know tells me to not care about them and just sleep with them, but I keep falling in love I keep wanting to have a serious relationship, despite the fact that I look good and can have many girls, I've had some serious relationships lasting long and they all ended the same : "I'm not sure what i want, perhaps we should take a break..." DONT get me wrong, I'm not trying to get married or smth, I just want to have someone that cares... you know..

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  • maybe you just have not found the right girl yet?? Don't lose hope. . not all girls are only looking for hook-ups

  • if a vagina somehow developed a conciousness,that's exactly the kind of thing it would say.

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