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sometimes I wish I was a guy. I think I'd be better off? like I would fit the part better, but I don't feel like I was born the wrong gender, I enjoy being a girl sometimes, its just that guys have so many advantages in the real world, it just pisses me off that having boobs could possibly determine whether I get a job or not.

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  • Guys do have it a lot easier. We have many advantages in life. No period every month, not pregnancy scare (of course we get freaked out if our girl is pregnant but in the end of the day, the real responsibility and burden is literally carried by the woman. We aren't just a piece of meat to the opposite gender sometimes. From what I understand, it takes a lot of maintaining for a woman. Ever seen their collection of shampoo and conditioner versus yours?

  • Clearly you have not lived in the real world much. Woman have it way easier.

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