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My boyfriend gets facebook stalked by a girl he dated only once four years ago... after their date he got in a relationship with his ex, and she got really angry and jealous. Now thats he's in a relationship with me for a while, she's angry for that. She even stalked my facebook page and said all bad things to him about my pictures. Yesterday she tried to add him again on facebook... It's not that i don't trust him, but how do I send her the message that she had to get the hell over him and search for another guy?

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  • if you feed into it she will be encouraged.. even if you tell her to fuck off... you don't think your boyfriend has been visibly disinterested in her? that was not a deterrent. she's off. ignore or get law enforcement involved

  • I went through something very similar. First my boyfriend had to send his ex messages asking her to stop and to respect our relationship. It worked for awhile and then she came back, trying to add him on Facebook or texting him at 4am drunk. So I stepped in, told her that we have both kindly asked her to fuck off and that if she continues to contact us we will be filing a restraining order. It's been over a year and we haven't heard from her. Hope this helps! Cheers

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