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Is it so bad that I want to date a guy who doesn't go out to drink or get drunk all the time? I don't drink a lot my self so they always blow me off to go drink with others. They never invite, just say we could meet up another day instead. It pisses me off to hell and back. I want to be with someone who actually puts effort into dating me instead of me putting All the effort. It makes me feel pathetic when I go on dates and when I won't sleep with them, they constantly blow me off afterwards. I want a real relationship, not a game.

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  • like not lie

  • Me and a lot of my friends dont drink. Most of us are married though. I always hated being the ONLY sober guy in the town where I grew up. I wanted a woman who thought like me. I found her, but I had to travel to Asia to do it. I married her though. You might find men lie this among protestant Christians, but they may be a little boring.

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