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My chemistry teacher in my school is having a personal grudge against me and my parents. She gave me a F in my annual chem exam. I already knew that shes the main in-charge of the chemistry lab in our school. Since my home is very near to my school, I sneaked into the chemistry lab at midnight with my best friend last week and replaced all the water looking chemicals(H2So4, HCl,etc shit) with water. The next day, when I reached school, there was a whole crowd in front of the chemistry lab and the principal were firing that teacher. Yes, she was suspended for irresponsibility. Our principal is very strict(short tempered). I and my best friend giggled in the next room.

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  • since I have had a lot of trouble like this with teachers myself, I tend to believe you... and envy you. Because the list of teachers I would like to get fired is pretty much endless. Wasn't nice what you did but... well sometimes there is no other way. I know in my school there is not. soo thumbs up

  • I do what I want.

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