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I really want to take a nose piercing, preferably a hoop one on the side, but I am scared i wont get a job... Also i know that most guys find it unattractive, and my inner feminist hates the fact that it effects me.... What do you guys think? I am 19 btw so when i say job, i mean in a store/cafe or something

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  • In the end, employers usually choose a clean face/body. Meaning cleanliness, no tattoos, no piercings, etc. There are places where that isn't true, but they are not plentiful.

  • you'll look like a retarded teenager that still lives in the early 2000's. go listen some nsync and get that job,you'll be fine,stores and cafes have no problem hiring people with tattoos and piercing,even the untastefull and ugly ones like yours.

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