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Nobody really knows who I am and how quite messed up I am. I think about really weird stuff and I am such a wrong person. The moments of you think about someone reading your mind is stuff only for my nightmares!!

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  • like if someone hacked into ur facebook and found everything you have done on the internet, ever thought, every site, everything you hide to yourself... everything you think only you know and hide from everyone... and ur scared someone you dont want seeing all of that one day sees everything... that's my job. I find all that information you hide away and hide behind cause u think ur safe online, while im seeing everything but getting paid to do it... and you'll never know. your mind isn't safe, no one is safe. scary but thats the reality we live in, and there's a bunch just like me. we get paid to find info, to find the real you, piece everything together and we can see who you really are. lame job to some... but money talks more then morals.

  • I'm like you bro, nothing strange being strange, you gotta fuck them shit up!

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