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i know that a guy in my class likes me. everybody can tell that, its obvious. i like him, too. i actually have a massive crush on him. he doesnt do anything because i know that hes christian, and he doesnt want to date yet. but it would be just so nice if we could get together. i dont know if i should do something or just let it be. we graduate in may anyways... im kinda looking forward to it so i wont see him every day and it wont hurt that much.

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  • Hmmm... Is this a cultural thing I am missing here? Because to me that sounds like a massive excuse.

  • you definitely should start changing your situation! he likes you, you like him... you don't have to get close in 0.2 seconds. grab some lunch together and talk, get to know each other and maybe at the end of the day you'll say "oh, he's not my type after all" or you'll say "I really do like him". meeting up doesn't have to be a date. talk about it with him and you'll find a solution and answer. xx

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