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Sorry for the cheesiness...but I'm in love with a boy who my mum hates. He's 17, and I'm 16. My mum dislikes him because of his choice in college course, (horticulture) whereas I'm gonna be taking science a levels and Maths. He's the only one who understands me and has been there for me. Every night I've had rows, he's been there for me. Staying up till 3am or so when he has to wake at 6am. what do I do? He's a bit clingy because he doesn't want to lose me and I don't wanna lose him. My mum says I'm not even allowed to talk to him let alone be with him. I feel so depressed.

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  • I personnally don't mind my boyfriend being clingy... I like it^^ so it depends on what you think of it. It really does sound like you love each other and I don't think you should let your mom decide in this matter. especially since her concerns are purely materialistic and not out of honest worry about you (like if he was doing drugs or something) Still since you're so young I know that this is a really bad situation. Just believe in yourself and your love. Good luck

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