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I wasn't in school for half a year and will now repeat the class because I was out sick. I mean, I was in hospital. But this isn't what this is about. None of my friends visited me in hospital, I only saw them when I was out, and they still didn't really contact me, even though I tried to call them or make plans with them. It's a tradition for us to go on vacation together in the summer, and I was really looking forward to it this year - only to realize that they already decided on where to go. I said: Oh, that's cool, I want to go too. But they already booked it. Without me. They didn't even ask me. And that kind of hurts. I was always there when they had problems and gave advice and helped them, or only listened if that's what they needed. When they were sick I brought them food, mate notes in class and helped them with their homework (I'm pretty good at school, I could've even still graduatet, but I really wanted my straight A average, so I'm repeating the year). And now they didn't even think of me when planning the vacation, didn't visit me in hospital and didn't even send a stupid card or something. Good luck to those "friends", now they could seriously kiss my ass, if it wasn't too good for them.

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  • you can't give expecting things in return, because people will disappoint you. you're right to distance yourself from them, they aren't true friends and they don't know how to be friends. Don't take it as a loss though, when something tragic or difficult happens to one of them, the rest will abandon that person too. There is word for people like them: fickle.

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