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Told one of my friends that I'd been talking to a guy on Snapchat everyday for several months, and now she's started to snap me every single day. She's bombarding me with "what are you doing" and stuff like that, and it's honestly getting a bit annoying. When I met the guy and got his snapchat, it was like one long conversation that lasted for months, and there was always something new to talk about. Then it became a regular boring same old convo after a couple of months, and now we only snap each other few times a month. Idk why my friend keeps asking what I'm doing. Now I haven't opened her snap in fear she will bombard me again. If you want to talk to me, you should at least find something interesting to say

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  • this is the most "first world problems" confession I have seen here all day :D :D :D

  • you could always block?

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