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how to friendzone somebody? my neighbor always had a thing for me and now that I've broken up with my boyfriend months ago (almost a year) he's trying to get closer and hugs me for what it feels like 9 seconds (or years) and tries to touch/ lay a hand on my butt. I was always looking forward to see him, because he's a cool guy and only a few months older than me, but now... his granddad died a month ago and I didn't want to say something about the butt thing even though it is important... I hate hurting people if they're close to me even when they are doing something I don't want... help?

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  • yeah you just go like ''nigga,you OK to hang with but i ain't sucking your dirty ass dick.''

  • I am assuming you already sent cues that you were not comfortable with him touching you this way. He chose to ignore them because it would mean accepting that you are not into him. He is not being innocent and oblivious here, he is trying to make things happen between you and not accepting your resistance. If he ever touches you again or initiates any contact you do not like, tell him clearly that you are not interested. If he persists after that, GET AWAY FROM THAT MAN, HE IS NOT SAFE TO BE AROUND.

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