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I feel a little sad about having to end a friendship with this guy that likes me. Even though I didn't like him as he would have wanted me to, I still talked to him in a way of us getting to know more about each other to build a relationship. I liked his attention and the ' good morning/ good night ; how was your day? ; how's my princess doing? ' texts. And I know that is selfish of me trying to keep his attention knowing that I might never like him as something more than a friend , but it hurts me a little or maybe a lot more than I would have thought - him giving up on me. And I know I shouldn't keep him around if I don't like him so he don't waste his time or get hurt but one way or another I want him to still be there. :'(

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  • Then dont end it, he probably didn't want to tell you for this reason. Why can't you still be friends? he will get over you and move on, its not like he is going to be in love with you for the rest of his life.

  • That's fucking selfish.

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