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how do I tell her without ruining a our friendship? is there any other way to do this? all I want is for her to know how I really feel about her but in the same time I dont want what we have for so long to just go away. I know what kind of men she usually like but im not even closed to what shes into. But most of the men shes been has hurt her more than Im willing to see. I cant take it when she cries. I never want to see a scratch on her let alone her heart broken. i just cant take it anymore. Im now on a verge to say what I feel about her. but in the same time im to chicken shit to do it. Tell me what I should've done by now. I really need an answer. please I need a simple answer

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  • You sound like a great person who really cares about this girl and if she can't see how great you are its her loss so keep your head up :)

  • Tell her, if you are to shy/scared to tell her face to face, try a text or fb. it is less romantic and shit, but at least she will know the truth.

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