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A guy from my country was caught trafficking drugs in Malaysia and was sentenced to death. Several people in my country try to appeal to our President and Ministry of Justice to help save the guy. Well..excuse me.. but he made his bed, he should sleep in it. He knew drug-trafficking is punishable by death and still CHOOSE to transport drugs. So why save him? Why create a precedent so other idiots would do the same thing because they saw they can get away with it? Every country is free to implement its own laws and Malaysia decided to punish drug-trafficking by death. Respect the law or deal with the consequences.

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  • Because a death penalty is fucking barbaric? You are saying this person should die. Do you honestly think that anyone deserves that?

  • se voce seguir toda lei cegamente dessa forma,vai chegar um momento que voce vai perceber que nao tem mais direitos e nem escolhas. porque a lei é sagrada? simplesmente porque alguem disse ''isso é uma lei,nao questione''? uma pessoa como eu ou voce criou essa lei,nao foi um deus ou uma ser magico super poderoso criador de leis. tente se educar um pouco antes de sair vomitando opinioes sem sentido.

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