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Im a girl. In love with my bestdriend which is also a girl. I can't understand myself, I'm not claiming to my self that I'm a BI OR A LESBIAN. I juat cant understand why am I inlove with a girl and the worst thing is that she is my bestfriend! It was my 3rd year in Highschool, we enter the same class and i found different from her, she wanted to be close with me and I dont know why, and then i found that she has a crush on me but discouraged, her friend that is also my friend told me. At that time I was starting falling in love with here not even knowing if she totally loves me too. ugh! We are very close with each other. We play the same sports. We always date eachother. She always laugh with my jokes shes happy when shes with me. She hugs me, holds my hand, stares at me like there is no tomorrow. And Im also doing the same to her. She treats me differently from others. Then now we are in our college dgree we enter different universities but we still see eachother but not always. She told me that she likes girls too. I think shes BI. And then I found out that she already have a boyfriend but their relationship is not that long and then 3 guys after. But i think shes just playing. u I just cant understand If she really like me or not. What to do?

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  • From the person whose been rejected twice with no one even knowing, try go for it. Never give up.

  • ask her straight up what she really wants with you

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