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I started working at a company in January. I've never came in late in fact usually I'm in at least 20 minutes early every single day at the request of my manager. I usually leave 20 minutes late a few times a week oh as well as working in the week I've done the Saturday shift at the office a few times as well. Early this morning I had an asthma attack so strong I passed out and was taken to hospital. After barely being able to breathe (a really scary experience I might add) and then being treated all morning I was finally released. Whilst being treated I asked my boyfriend to text my work to explain. Now I am on a warning because I texted in sick instead of calling, what difference would that have made?? Plus I could barely breathe let alone talk. Also the fact that I have taken a day of is 'a cause for concern' oh shit yeah sorry. It's completely fine to demand that I work overtime but the one time I take a day off because of a serious medical condition and I get put on a warning, very f***** fair.

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  • Poor you. Unfortunately, I can't help you - I can't even say my opinion about your boss, because if I started, I would use a lot of words that aren't very pretty (but quite creative, I guess) and probably forbitten by this site. But I do hope you get better soon, and I wish you all the best. Take care of yourself. If they keep on treating you this way, it's better to quit. Asthma can get worse in stressful environments, I think I read that somewhere. Just take care of yourself, I bet you'd find a better company easily. Good luck, and again: Get well soon.

  • your employer doesn't care about you. but they won't care about anyone.. they care about the bottom line. we're just tools for their success.

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