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I'm going to be turning 21 this Sunday and it kinda sucks how I'm still a virgin. Never kissed or had any kind of sex. I really don't want to end up a 30 year old virgin. only difference is I watch porn and masturbate a lot

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  • don't rush it. there are very bad consequences to sex. such as pregnancy and diseases. having a kid isn't as horrible as the diseases that can be for life and even life threatening.

  • i lost my virginity at 26. i didn't wait or anything, just didn't happened earlyer. i'm from Portugal and lost my virginity in japan to my japanese virgin girlfriend that meanwhile ended up marrying me recently. so try not to worry too much about it. when it happens it happens. just try to enjoy life, with or without sex. and believe me, sex is great, specially with the right partner, but it's also over-rated.

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