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Im supper deeply in love with my bestfriend. But I'm a girl and shes also a girl. Were bestfriends since were in 3rd year HS. I heard that she had a crush on me but she ddnt say it to me face to face or jus text me that she like me, I heard it from our other friend and I think she doesnt know that I already know. she always hug me, she even hold my hand, stare at me like Im going to melt. She always laugh at my jokes, shes happy when shes with me. We play same sport and always dating just the two of us. She saying that shes Bi, she also like boys. Shes very beautiful, popular, lot of admirers, she plays with them and text them but shes serious with them. But she treats me differently, unlike others. I dont know.. When we graduated, we enter different universities. We still see eachother but like before. There are changes. until the time come she dated a lot of guys but shes still not serious with it. Im hurt. I just dont understand, does she like me or not?

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  • Why don't you ask her out and find out?

  • shes not serious i mean.

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