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I'm 21 and my Girlfriend of 5 years just dumped me from one day to another. I am freaking out beacuse I can't barely remember how it is to wake up and not knowing I am one lucky son of a bitch because I have the best girlfriend on earth which I will marry one day. I had the plan how my life will be in 5/10/20 years with her in my head and can't think of how i should achive my dreams without her by my side. I always learned/worked for a bright future with her. .. Currently I am motivating myself to make my way and impress her to get her back. But if i won't be successful I have no Idea how to struggle my way on and am seriously afraid of hurting myself.

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  • Thing is, in a relationship, dont plan anything in advance, just go with the flow until the project is needed to enhance the relationship, but for any relationship just dont plane so far ahead, that way you wont feel like you do rightnow the next time.

  • as the time passes, it will get better. i know it doesn't seem likely now.

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