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I'm 17 year old girl and I really like a 15 year old boy, is this a bad thing?? I'm going to college next year while he's going to 10th... I told him that its a big difference but we really like each other.

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  • the only bad thing is that college isnt a game, your future depends on it, and yoy shouldnt be playing at the Disney love tale, you have to be focused on your studies.

  • The differences only seem big as long as there's a 1 in front of your age. As soon as both of you are in your twenties, or even thirties, no one cares any more. It's just two years. My best friend fell in love with a man 10 years older than her. My girlfriend is 3 years younger than me. My sisters fianc√© is a year younger than her. Believe me, it seems like a big difference now, but it actually isn't. So no, it's not a bad thing. It might get hard when you go to college pretty far away, but which long distance relationship isn't? Love is not about age. In fact, age doesn't matter at all (as long as you're not raping children - obviously not the case here, but this is the internet and you can never be careful enough) as long as you love each other. I wish both of you all the best.

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