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My computer screen cracked several months ago, it costs at least 300 dollars to fix, so I'm going through some Sims withdrawals. I design sims houses in my head and think of stories my sims could do. I'm itching to download more custom content and play, but I just don't have the money to fix my screen. And since my computer is under warranty, I can't take it to a shop. And besides, I'm scared they could break my computer worse. You get what you pay for, and a cheap computer repair could cost me a new one if they mess up.

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  • bruh, i understand. lol i have a sims youtube channel (mssunnymuffins...shameless self promotion xD). Its just so much fun and it makes me feel like a director sometimes, which is what i wanna do in life!

  • one of those moments you should sort your real life out and stop investing all your thought into your fantasy/virtual one.

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