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How do you view the bible? Would you say it... -a book of human wisdom? -a book of MYTHS and LEGENDS? -or the WORD OF GOD? WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS "All scripture is inspired of GOD" 2Timothy 3:16 CAN WE REALKY BELIEVE WHAT THE BIBLE SAY? Yes, for atleast 3 reasons.. 1) AMAZING HARMONY. The bible was written over a period of 1,600 by some 40 different people. Most of them never met one another. Yet, the entire book is HARMONIOUS, with one central theme. 2) HONEST HISTORY. Secular historians seem quick to cover over the defeats of their people. In contrast, Bible writters candidly recorded both their personal failing and those of their nations. 3) RELIABLE PROPHECY. The bible foretold the destruction of the ancient city of Babylon some 200 years in advance (Isaiah 13: 17-22) It revealed not only the manner in which the babylon would fall but even the name of its conqueror! -Isaiah 45: 1-3 Numerous other Bible prophecy were also fulfilled down to the smallest detail. But is that not what we would expect of the word of GOD?

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  • i will never read your confession because you write like an idiot

  • i will never read it just like 50 shades of sh*t.

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