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I don't know why most or some of you judged the other comment about people disobeying the law and getting punished for it, it may be barbaric, but the thing is, if you don't establish a law, people will be more barbaric, the guy went to another country and did something stupid, he certainly knew that there are consequences, yet he still brought drugs. I am really happy that there are certain countries that are strict with law, and mine isn't that is why there are lots of crimes and other stuff going on.

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  • that is not why there's crime and ''lots of stuff going on'' in your country. laws are created to benefit the specific individual who imposed them,if drugs are punishable by death in the Philipines,there will be a high demand and high prices can be achieved,thus a high rank police officer or high rank military individual such as a Genral for example would benefit greatly from a drug trafficking scheme. you are very naive about laws and their existence. it comes down to money,and the man who got sentenced,was killed by bigger criminals,in order to make an example to the lesser criminals,send a message ; '' this is our business,outsiders who try to get a piece of our profit will be killed''

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