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my boyfriend loves gaming and I love traveling and experiencing real life things. I don't get his infatuation with gaming. it's fun for a lil bit but real life experiences are better in my opinion.. my relationship is probably doomed.

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  • I had one of these too. A girl though (I am a boy). I though it was so cool that she liked gaming, but it turned out it was all she liked. I convinced her to go to a gaming convention with me once - a big one in another state. I paid for everything, so when we got there, we went to the convention and I got her to travel around the city with me. Ever since then, she's been more into traveling. Just an example of how to go 50/50, if you really want to work at the relationship. Good luck!

  • I was in a similar relationship. my advice is to move on or accept the fact that you will not be able to do the things that make you happiest. unless he is willing to meet you halfway things won't improve.

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