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many people in my college that's paid by their parents skip classes. practically a trend here. I don't see how they can hold no remorse doing it. it is not ok, dude. just cause everyone is doing it, doesn't mean it isn't a big deal. what if you were paying college fees for your son/daughter and realize that they skip classes?

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  • A lot of people can't really value something that they got for free. Going into school knowing you'll spend decades working-off your loan make people be a bit more dedicated on their academics

  • people who are in a paid college that's paid by the parents have no interest in learning,actually,no college is built in a way to make you LEARN. it's made so you'll have a degree and you can get a job,in which your ''knowledge'' will never be put to use. their parents know this,that if their kids get the degree in the end,that's all that matters,and paid colleges rarely don't give degrees to people. the world does not work the way you seem to think it does,don't act so childish.

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