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I have a female colleague at work. I like her. But she has some major drawbacks and I can`t talk to her about them because she`s the type that gets upset if you tell her those jeans make her look fat. She`s 31 and has been single for the past 3 years. She`s desperate to get a husband and a baby, but her way of thinking makes me think she`ll be an old lady. She expects her boyfriend/future husband to pay for everything. She told me she dumped a guy because they were supposed to leave together for a holiday and she realized he expected her to pay her own cut. I was flabbergasted when I saw how mad she was at the fact that he didn`t pay for her, too. She also expects her boyfriend to take over and pay for clothes and beauty treatments. And I look at her and I feel this is never going to happen because she`s not the "type" guys would consider a trophy. She`s mediocre at best, not a top-model. I don`t know how to tell her that she should lower her standards and accept the fact that she should support some of the expenses because it`s 2015. You can`t still expect a guy to pay for everything but argue what a strong woman you are. Also, she makes mean comments about other people. Recently, she said feet without pedicure are "fucking disgusting". I told her I rarely paint my toenails and she looked at me like I was an alien. She didn`t notice that she`s been single for the past years, with all her beauty treatments and painted toe-nails, while I`m engaged to be married to a great guy. She thinks going to the beauty saloon should be enough to land her a rich husband. She fails to see that she should also be beautiful and with a rational way of thinking. Every day she talks about wanting a baby and I wish I could tell her it`s not going to happen until she changes her expectations.

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  • Just smile. Her life sucks and she's the one who does it to herself. Smile because you're better than her :)

  • tell her like you're ripping off a bandaid. short & to the point; then walk away before she can react. best time: friday. just before work ends

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