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Girl, still virgin, masturbate a lot, seen lots of porns also. But I still feel like blowing a dick is kinda gross... I mean it's where the pee comes out and idk... But I want my partner to eat me out so I don't wanna be selfish. So is it good? Does it taste like something?

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  • Personally, I will still eat a girl out, even if she doesn't want to give me a blowjob afterwards. I just like to eat a girl out, it is incredibly arousing and I couldn't care less if I get something in return, because I didn't do it to get a blowjob in the first place. A man shouldn't argue that a girl owes him a blowjob after he ate her out and girls shouldn't give blowjobs to get their pussies eaten. My tip for the OP: If you can overcome your disgust of the thought thn give it a try, maybe its not as bad as you think. If you can't overcome it or you don't like it after you tried, tell your partner and try to find other ways to show him your affection. Be creative.

  • If you think it's gross, don't do it. Find a partner who prefers other things to getting blown.

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