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you being a virgin doesn't make you any superior or in a higher privileged status from everyone else who isnt one. alright? sit your butt down and wipe that mindset off your brain. and don't use that sh-t excuse like "oh this is a confession app, you don't like it delete it, don't judge" no. it's not about what I like or don't like. you judge too anyway. you're a virgin? okay, I respect that, also, good for you, I am ok with that. but going about having a holier than thou arrogant attitude about it? you're worse than people who brag about already losing their virginity and people who say they want to lose their virginity combined. if that isn't arrogance/annoying I don't know what is. you're too unknowingly into your own narcissism that you don't see that.

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  • i think think saving virginity is senseless, the first time is almost always bad and tge more u do it u get better. so carpe motherfuckin diem and get laid

  • I don't feel superior, but virgin shaming is also annoying, just because I don't use my genitals to whore around, doesn't mean I am stupid about sex. If I am not great at it, I am pretty sure I can do it with my future husband, from simple to porn style.

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