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I've been sick for almost a year now. I think I have lost most of my friends, because I couldn't go out with them - none of them ever visited me in hospital, and now that I'm at home, they don't care if I invite them over. My parents are working all the time. The only company I have are my four cats and the dog. Cuddling them is the highlight of my day. Most of the time, I don't even get out of bed any more, I just stay there and hug my dog. Tomorrow, I will go to my school. I'm not being treated at the moment, and maybe I'll be able to go back after the easter holidays. And I'm seriously scared that my friends won't even acknowledge me. I don't know how I'd react.

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  • Yeah, you need to get new friends. A whole year sick and they never visited you once? Shitty people.

  • and you call those bastards friends? you need new ones bro.

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