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I have a incredible physique,i'm skilled in any sport or fight i ever engaged,and if i get injuried,i recover much faster than any doctor could predict,i have been a subject of study by many doctors,including a research for the cure of the common flu,because even tho i get infected,i barely show any symptoms,i'm strong and fast,but the thing is that.. i'm actually very dumb. i never understood math,i can't deal with paperwork,and i feel completely uncomfortable if i sit down for more than 4 hours. i took an interest in studying history and reading books that tell about ancient times,because i feel i would be much better suited in said enviroments.. i know i would be much more comfortable as a farmer or a hunter,or maybe in the battlefield with a sword.. idk.. i'm just.. too stupid and crude for the place i'm living in. i plan on living in the woods,and have been working towards that goal. i can fish and have a small farm there. the only thing that bothers me is that,i don't know anyone who would want to live such life with me,because the modern world seems so comfortable and has so much entertainment to offer,none understand when i tell about my plans of leaving. but i still hope to find someone,one day.

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