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Underweight men and women may have insecurities about their weight too. Yes. Men and women. So if you struggle with losing weight ,try to be a little sensitive to those who deal with the opposite too.

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  • i had a bmi of 16.4 i am 1.97m i look like a skeleton. or a stick figure but i started doing sports now and now that i need more energy i can eat more. also i gain weight in form of muscles. its nice i already have 3kg more. you are totally right. you not only get annoying comments when you are overweight... but come on mates! lets do something about it! because if we dont, noone will!

  • Yesss I'm under weight to the point it causes me pain if I can't eat every other hour. But if I ever tell other people about it, they just laugh and say to enjoy it because I'm skinny. I'd rather have more fat on my bones than being able to see my bones. I've been hospitalized a couple times when I lost too much too fast. I'm glad someone else understands!

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