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I am a teenager, but all my friends are well into their late twenties to mid forties and I never feel the age gap. Then when I talk to people my age, I feel like they're younger than me and if a guy my age has a crush on me, I feel kinda like a pedophile. It makes school a painfully lonely affair because I get on better with the teachers than my fellow students and there are things we would like to talk about which we cannot on campus. What the hell is wrong with me?

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  • You are nore matured and an old soul

  • Actually, you have high IQ. Technically, IQ means "mental age" / "physical age" so if you are mentally older (which seems to be what you are describing), it means you have high IQ. Example: you are 18yo but age 25 would fit you much more, than IQ = 100 * 25 / 18 = 139 :) Don't be sad because of it, enjoy older friends.

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