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My boyfriend and I always making plans for our future. You know, how awesome our house will be, all the countries we will visit, although we are still 20, but hey, everyone needs a milestone. So I've always loves kids, and always imagined my life with one or two children, but he just can't get along with them and kinda hates them. I know this is at least 10 years away from now, and he has always said he would never ban kids from me if I need them in any way to feel happy or complete, but I'm scared one day I'll become pregnant and he will say "Well... Got for you!" as if we where talking about a puppy. "OK, but you wanted it so you feed him and take care of it, it's your dog". Feels weird thinking what type of father he will be, though he's incredible in all other aspects.

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  • You should worry first about studying, being someone in society, and feeling complete in the professional area, then when you have at least $250,000 dollars in savings and you earn at least $100k per year or more, you can have a kid free of worries, if not, please, the government doesn't need more burdens.

  • Have a dog, that's smarter than having kids, you are too young, don't bring more poverty to the world, do not ruin your life having kids.

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