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I've been in a relationship since 2 years :). She's a lovely girl, an angel. Hard to define her. All i know i love her too...my question as a guy is do all guys feel jealous and feel hurt when their girl talks to other guys friendly and smiles? i never even mistakenly gave her a chance to be hurt this way <3 however it kills me inside but i hide my feelings now..cuz few months ago i tried to talk to her about this but it became a fight. I'm scared inside due to something which even i dont know. She thinks i doubt her when she talks to other guys who are just friends but i swear on everything i have its not doubting. please comment below.

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  • u must trust her or you will lose her over some chit chats with guys... if you somehow could get proof if its more than just chit chat... then you should talk with her.

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